Earn to die is a very popular adventure game where you need to tune up the vehicles and fight your way through the zombie horde until you reach the goal.
You need to hunt for zombies. It maybe sound easy, but it really isn't! You will see when you try out all the parts of the game.
Be careful, it is a very addicting game, don't say didn't warn you.
All parts of the game contain very good and fast cars that are waiting for you to tune them up and make them even faster.
Some parts even have trucks, some don't, but there isn't a lack of adventure in any part of this interesting adventure game.

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From movies to games, zombies have become the most common character known to people these days. But for games, nothing could ever beat Earn to Die that lets you enjoy a road trip while you get in the middle of escaping zombie horde. In this game, you will play the protagonist who will try to cross the desert during the zombie apocalypse. There will be a journey of many days and several levels with a helicopter that will wait for the protagonist to safety. To be able to get there, you will have to drive through the rough terrain, climb the hills and break through the stack of crates which look like Angry Birds’ vacationing pigs. There will be a lot of zombies along the way and obstacles that will never ever hurt you. They will slow you down especially when you have run out of gas. Great Because of No More Tutorial Needed The game no longer requires tutorial on playing the game because the controls are easier and better enough. Thus, there is a need to learn all throughout the trial and error. You just need to press the button and pour on the gas. And then, tap the two buttons to be able to move the car backward and forward. This will be a significant trick to follow when digging into an obstacle or landing a jump without ever losing your momentum. Challenging as it Starts Off with Enough Money for a Little Fuel and a Broken-Down Car Earn to Die is challenging as it only starts off with enough money for a little fuel and a broken down car. However, this will not let you go that far but there is no need to fear. In every run you make, you will earn your cash you can use for a car upgrade. When your finances have improved, you now can buy for bigger wheels, other vehicular accessories, brush cutters, bigger wheels and more gas. In each addition, your car will roll through those zombies and will help you to the next level. You can earn money and you can purchase a new car. But still, you will have to start again and use new accessories. In this game, the driving skill is essential in the distance that you will reach. However, there is no opportunity to enjoy going through a stage without first upgrading the car. When you have earned money, you will necessarily need to upgrade your car. Your money spent on previous upgrades will be wasted the moment you decide to buy for more expensive and better upgrades. Game that Runs Smoothly and Few Bugs The game only runs smoothly with only a few bugs. Thus, this could have a huge impact on your game. When you end up the run, you can still go to the garage or run again. If ever you choose to run again, you will lose the money you have just earned. You may go to the garage right away and go back to the level. Even though this game is reviewed to be frustrating at first, the thrill and the fun will start in a few upgrades. There will be more fun and excitement to get from the game. The game is even better and more thrilling if you unlock more powerful and faster vehicles. The level of enjoyment is to the highest because of the jumping experience of a school bus across a canyon. The championship mode and the free play mode will be unlocked after you have beaten the main story.