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You are playing Highway zombies game

This is a very similar game to earn to die.You need to upgrade your car and reach the goal.There are many obstacles and zombies on your way to the goal.There are also holes,barels and many more obstacles which damage your car.If your car gets too damaged it’s game over.If you run out of gas it’s game over.On your way to the top,you can pick up gas cans which will fill up your gas tank and you can continue your way to the goal and kill many more zombies.If you pick up a case with the service pack you can fix your car and continue your way and kill more zombies and make combos.The more zombies you kill the more cash you will get so you can upgrade your car easily.The parts are high performance and their price is hogh too.Collect the money on each turn,tune up your car and try to reach the goal as soon as possible.
Use the arrow keys to navigate

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