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In this part of the game you are in the war. Here you don’t kill zombies, here you kill the enemy soldiers.Tune up your vehicle as much as you can and accomplish all the level’s to accomplish the game.The principle of the game is same as the earn to die game.You get a Volkswagen beetle for your first car to start with.You have to tune it up fully to be able to finish the first mission. Here, you can’t buy a new car like in earn to die.You have to finish the first mission to get the second car which is a van that you use for the second mission.The second mission is the easiest one, you will see, you will be over it in no time. For the third mission you get a jeep. In the third mission there will be a tough enemy, a tank, which you can destroy only with a weapon. In the third mission there are planes that are dropping the bombs which can harm you.To defend yourself against them you have to buy the armor, cause if you don’t, it’s game over. Even if you fill up your gas tank you wont be able to finish the third mission without the V2 rocket which will booost you up enough so you can go far enough and finish the level.
Use the arrow keys to play.

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