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This is a newer version of the game called license for mayhem,similar to the earn to die game.You are now a highway patroler and you need to get to the crime scene as soon as possible.To get there faster you need to tune up your car as much as you can and acomplish all the levels.For each level that you pass you get a salary.You can spend your salary to buy new parts and upgrades for your car so you can get to the crime scene faster and get a bigger salary for that.As y0u catch more and more bad guys you will get a bigger vehicle so you can catch more bad guys at once.Drive through all the obstacles,watch out for the exploding barrels,they will damage your car.The road is full of obstacles and jumps,when you jump you need to navigate your car to fall on it’s wheels and not on its roof,because if you land on your roof it is game over.
Use the arrow keys to play

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