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You’re alone in a zombie infested desert. Your only means of defense is your truck. Kill zombies to earn money, and then use the money to buy upgrades for your truck to help you to go through all the obstacles and defend yourself. Earn bonus cash by coming up with creative and impressive ways to kill the zombies, as well as breaking down other obstacles and barriers in your path.The stronger your truck is the further you will go.The longer the way that you go in each round,each day,the more the money that you get.Upgrades for the first truck are really cheap,but the first truck can take you just a short distance.When you tune up your truck it will take you far enough so you can earn the cash for a new stronger truck in just 2 or 3 days.When you buy the second truck make sure to fill it up with gas and buy some horse power for it,and a good transmission.The more you tune up your second truck the further it will take you.You need to buy the third truck and tune it up totally to be able to accomplish the level.
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