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Earn To Die 2012 is actually the sequel (part two) of the original Earn To Die game! What’s new and what’s same from the original? Graphics have improved significantly so now the upgrades are even more attractive to purchase! In the Earn To Die 2012 you are driving through the desert packed with zombies, explosions (yes, explosions!) as you try to reach to the end. In this game you start with such a bad ass car, that it grows on you quickly and you forget you even want options. Ever wanted to drive a school bus during zombie apocalypse? Now’s your chance!
Another advantage is that now you can see your progress through the game, while you are driving. This makes it easier to understand how much more you need to drive, and how your current desert dash is compared to your previous best. Compared to the original Earn To Die game, I guess biggest news is that you have levels! So once you reach the end, it just means you have arrived to a new city, where the drive begins again!


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