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The second part of the 2012 version of the earn to die adventure game,the map to continues from the Cactus Ride where you left in the previous part of the 2012 exodus earn to die game.You are killing zombies here too.You got the call from the B-13 exodus base to go there as fast as you can,they will try to keep back the zombies from you so you can get there easier.The next check point is Forgotten Hills.When you reach that checkpoint with the slow fire fighter truck,you will get a much better and stronger truck to continue your journey to the next checkpoint,the Silent Woods.The new truck is better,but parts cost way more then for the fire fighter truck.Don’t forget to tune up all the add-ons on your vehicle to get 5% extra engine power.Once your truck is tuned up and your driving skills are sky high,you will complete this level and reach to the White Peak check point where the millitary truck is waiting for you.This truck is the best truck in the game.With this truck you will go accross the toughest level.But,once it is complete,you will reach the B-13 base and you will be safe.


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