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Earn to Die: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Below are a few simple tips and cheats that can help you become a pro.
On the acceleration button, you have to keep your finger. Earn to Die will put you in an outfitted car in order to deal with a number of zombie apocalypse. During the stage, you should keep your finger on the acceleration button to keep moving. In doing so, your risk of failing will be low. Nevertheless, never press the rotation buttons hardly. A light tap is enough to protect your ride. In addition, holding down the acceleration should be minimal.


While going down the hills, it is not important to accelerate. When you race down a hill, make sure to ease off the acceleration button. Pushing yourself faster down a hill is not even necessary. As a matter of fact, the game has physics that will carry you without extra help. If you have been playing Earn to Die without successful outcomes because of overusing your acceleration, take advantage of the game’s physics instead. This time, you will achieve your desired success.


Identify when to employ your Boost. Of course, your outfitted ride has the power to boost. But, use it at the right time to reach higher levels within a short run. When you are driving up a hill or coming across all bumps, you should use your boost. Apart from that, boosting makes clearing ramps easier, more convenient, and simpler.


Upgrade your engine as well as transmission. Earn to Die is one of the most amazing games that men have ever created. It will totally catch your attention and tinkle your interest. But, never forget the utmost importance of upgrading your engine and transmission stats. You have to use your cash in order to spruce up your engine and transmission. As a result, it can improve your acceleration and increase maximum speed. With these upgraded stats, you will be able to have a better shot that plays an essential role in clearing your stage in a faster way.


Focus on other Vehicle Upgrades. Whether you are a neophyte or seasoned player of Earn to Die, make sure you buy and equip a gun when there is an available cash. Even though you have limited ammo, it is still a good idea to shoot down many zombies. In doing so, you can bring up your cash. After upgrading engine and transmission, do the same process when it comes to your gun and fuel tank. In case of emergency, you can get the most out of your weapon. In addition, having an improved fuel tank can leverage your ability to travel farther. Thus, reaching other unique game milieu is possible.


Earn to Die seems a difficult game to play. However, when you have enough knowledge on how to use acceleration button, upgrade engine and transmission, and improve your gun and fuel tanks, you have a big opportunity to bring home the bacon. When using your acceleration button, make sure to tap it lightly so that your ride will not flip over. If you are going down a hill, employ your boost. You will surely not have a hard time in doing the process. Most importantly, be more steadfast for a better victory.


Earn to Die: Game Introduction


Earn to Die is recognized as a zombie survival game where you are going to race a car over different landscapes, kill zombies, and make a few car updates. Whether you want have a different or enjoying experience, Earn to Die is one of the games you should take into account.


Timeline – Earn to Die has different levels. It takes a number of days before you can finish the game. For you to know your timeline, there is a line at its top. You will easily become aware when you are about to experience the finish line. Since it is full of fun, you will never notice that you reach a farther level. At the end of the day, you will realize that Earn to Die is really special and awesome.


Accelerate – To move forward in the game, it is important to use the acceleration button. When employing the button, you should be smart so that your car will be alive until the end. You need to understand the fact that your fuel is a bit scarce. So, you must be a more careful player though you are a beginner. If you fail most of the time, be resolute and optimistic. As time goes by, you will be able to lay the game like a pro. You will be amazed on how you handle your acceleration button and the entire game as well.


Fuel – Fuel is known as the main crux of Earn to Die game. When you have more fuel, you can reach higher levels without a difficulty. You can kill more zombies and earn more money for a great upgrade in the near future. When your goal is to surpass the early phase, you will be shocked how far you will be able to reach. In addition, upgrade your fuel before it is too late. Time is very important to you as a player. It is a salient tool to attain a better success.


Zombie Count – To see the number of zombies you have slain during the past days, it is available in the top left hand corner of Earn to Die game. When you are able to kill more zombies in a particular day, you can acquire money in your coffers. Even though you struggle on how to boost the number of zombies you should slay, be an optimist player. Time will come that reaching your dream will be a reality.


Boost – Boost is something you should use when going up a hill. It is considered an additional fuel source that will maximize your chance to go beyond your desired level. Nevertheless, employ it in an efficient or effective manner. It really goes fast even though you have an upgraded vehicle. When you always utilize it at the wrong time, you have a high risk of getting a game over.


Upgrades – While fuel is recognized as crux of the game, upgrades are its meat and potatoes. When you always upgrade your car, you will finish the game with a peace of mind. On the bottom, all areas for upgrade are available as well as dollar value. There are weapons, car parts [e.g., tires, engines, transmission, and much more], higher capacity, and bigger fuel tanks. For wonderful zombie slaying, there are weapons you can add for the latest upgrades.


New Car Purchases – After upgrading your first vehicle, you still have other excellent options – make a better car purchase. It is a more fuel efficient car with powerful weaponry as well as bigger tanks. It will be vital for your success while playing Earn to Die. When you can trick out your first attempt, save your cash in order to purchase a more functional car. To earn enough cash, repeat the process all throughout the game. So, buying a new car will no longer be a dilemma on your part.


Overworld – Earn to Die has various stages. If you are able to reach the end of your timeline, moving across the map will be as easy as pie. The game will start from the Texas area to Washington. Since Earn to Die lasts within a long-term run, you can acquire a worthwhile and magnificent journey you will always yearn for.


Other Modes – In the game, there are additional modes such as Halloween and Championship. The former features collecting pumpkins that are available in the entire game. The latter is the story mode of Earn to Die game. When you complete its main story mode in a successful way, you can unlock them. So, Earn to Die is not a boring game. In fact, it has diverse modes for more enjoyment.


Don’t mind No Stinking Zombies – Earn to Die is about resource allocation. It gives you a cash based rewards on distance as well as the number of zombies you have killed. But, be prepared when you reach higher levels because there are more zombies you will encounter. In addition, never waster your fuel just to get more zombies. Use it in a wise manner.


Nowadays, there are millions of apps, including Earn to Die game. It has built-in features that will never disappoint you. It is a more innovative game that can result in a full of fun journey. When you are aware of the abovementioned information, you will be extraordinary in playing the game.

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